Web3 wallet for Web2 users

HumanWallet is an Account Abstractions model where projects can create advanced Web3 wallets for users in a very simple and powerful way.

Mobile first, simple

Forget the painless process of accessing your dAPP from a mobile device. With HumanWallet your dAPP will always work. The simple, the better


Ready for all EVM blockchains

HumanWallet is compatible with any L1 / L2 / sidechain working under the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Our SDK and JS library are ready for your project.

Best wallet for your users is the most simple one

With HumanWallet your community will forget to pay gas fees in transactions, safeguard their seed or study about how to use Web3 wallets. Everything is as easy as confirming transactions in one or two clicks.

A Guardian per user

Each Web3 wallet is associated with a Guardian service, who can manage ownership attending multiple variables

A multisig associated

Each Guardian is connected with a Safe contract with different owners who can decide over the ownership account

A federation for you

HumanWallet has its own nodes federation available for all users, who can decide over the previous contract

Your own network

HumanWallet lets users to personalize their own trust network, adding familiar or friends addresses to the multisig

These DAPPs are using HumanWallet


HumanWallet is what we needed for our users & investors, making the process easy.

Miguel Caballero
Miguel Caballero
CEO TurinLabs

With HumanWallet we complete our “Web2.5 platform”: the feature that lets us to scale

Nico Barilari
Nico Barilari
CEO Nash21

Yours, the next one?

Try our Demo or Apply to get more information about how to integrate HumanWallet in your company.

“Account abstraction is a pretty big deal

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum founder

TurinWallet is based on the ERC4337 standard, also known as “Account abstraction” or AA. Products like HumanWallet will redefine the way users connect to the Web3.

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Try our demo

And start to offer your users the best Web3 experience simulating a Web2 APP.


A Web3 pricing model that fits you

We charge you a monthly fee based on your MAW (Monthly Active Wallets), and the gas fee transactions*


Up to 500 MAW


+ $0.10 per gas fee tx

Payed in
TUT token
What’s included?
Login with wallet
Customizable login wallet
Decentralized seed custody
2FA security methods
Accounts recovery
Get started


Up to 1,000 MAW


+ $0.10 per gas fee tx

Payed in
TUT token
What’s included?
Everything in Startup plan
Get started


More than 1,000 MAW


+ $0.10 per gas fee tx

Payed in
TUT token
What’s included?
Everything in Growth
Get started

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HumanWallet?

HumanWallet is a SDK that can be integrated in any Web3 project. It lets users to interact with the blockchain whithout the need to have a Web3 wallet: it creates an adress associated to any mail, and (the project) can decide which kind of transactions need also a 2FA authentication to be signed.

What makes HumanWallet different from other Web3 wallets?

HumanWallet is based on ERC4337 real standard. Also, it can incorporate the 2FA to make some transactions safer. Besides, it's the only one which introduces the "Guardians", letting users to custody their private keys with a real and 100% decentraliced custody.

Which are the GUARDIANS?

Guardians are a unique functionality of HumanWallet: a set of algorithms and smart contracts that let users to recover lost accounts in a decentralized way, with all the security guarantees for them. Each user has a Guardian; each Guardian is owned by a Safe contract, and each user can add some friends or family to the contract. So no custody for the project and no need to have license to keep users private keys.

How much does it cost?

You start with 299€/month (+taxes) and $0.10 per transaction, in $TUT. No setup or hidden costs.

Why any Web3 project needs HumanWallet?

Because it will help you to grow. Main pain in any Web3 project is the complexity to attract new users; managing Metamask, gas fees... is complicated. With HumanWallet no need of Web3 elements, your users will feel to stay like in a Web2 application.

Does HumanWallet need $TUT token?

Yes. We charge, regardless on the plan, $0.10 in TUT token per transaction. So the more transactions, the more $TUT tokens they need to buy to feed HumanWallet. We see a future with hundredes of dAPPs integrating HumanWallet, thousands of users and millions of monthly transactions.

Do I have a HumanWallet interface?

No, HumanWallet is integrated through a SDK, so you decide your own UX and methods. Anyway, you can test our DEMO version, which is fully deployed over Mumbai (Polygon testnet).

How can I solve doubts?

Complete the form or ping us in our Discord channel (link below, in next section).

Is HumanWallet compliance with my regulation?

Yes. HumanWallet is a complete decentralized solution with no custody. Users keep their own private keys, which are under the custody of a federation through a Safe smart contracts managed by their own Guardians.

How To

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Apply and will help you

To integrate HumanWallet in your project.

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